Monday, May 21, 2012

Geronimo Stilton The Kingdom of Fantasy

I got Geronimo Stilton The Kingdom of Fantasy.  It has maps in it, and tongue twisters, riddles and six different kingdoms.  The kingdoms are the Kingdom of Witches, the Kingdom of Gnomes, the Kingdom of Pixies, the Kingdom of Fairies and the Kingdom of Giants, and the Kingdom of Mermaids.  Each Kingdom has a gem.  

The Kingdom of Witches gem is a ruby.  The Kingdom of Giants is an amethyst.  The Kingdom of Fairies is a diamond.  The Kingdom of Pixies is an emerald and the Kingdom of Gnomes is a sapphire.

Each Kingdom had a metal.  

I liked it because there were maps and it had lots of different mythical creatures like unicorns, phoenix, giant spiders and sea serpents and stuff like that.  

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